Snowfall in Paris

Paris is the place where girls dream of finding French lovers, where couples go to heighten their romance and where travelers come from all over the world to experience the magic of the city. Traveling to Paris, France is a to-do on many people’s bucket lists. However, visiting the the City of Love  during a white snowfall is, no doubt, magical.

My friend Ashley traveled to Paris, France this past January of 2013. The day she arrived in Paris it was snowing and continued for the next few days. In this linked sound clip, Ashley expresses the excitement and magic she felt from her experience.

Ashley during white snowfall in Paris, France in front of the Eiffel Tower

Photo taken with Ashley’s camera of Ashley during white snowfall in Paris, France in front of the Eiffel Tower.

I have always wondered what it was about Paris that make the city so magical.  My professor who has been to France various times explained that one has to visit Paris in order to experience the indescribable feelings of magic and romance the city holds.

Photography pf Eiffel Tower by Ashley Kimi

Photography of Eiffel Tower by Ashley Kimi

3 thoughts on “Snowfall in Paris

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  3. I like your topic here, and the links, especially to the one for the City of Love. You voice comes through in the writing. The photos are a nice addition, but they don’t add much value: At this size they’re hard to see, and even if I click through them, there’s no much detail. If your topic is snow, I’d like to see some. Also, the photos are sort of hanging in mid-air at this size. the post would be more appealing if you wrapped the text around the photos.

    The audio works properly, so that’s a good start. I’m hearing some sort of mechanical sound in the background, and also a kind of hollowness that sounds like digital error. The background sound was probably in your original recording. It might be sound from the recorder itself, or it might be something that was in the room, like ventilation. The digital error could be on the original, or it could have been introduced when you uploaded the file to Sound Cloud. In any case, you need to listen more carefully to your source recordings and your transfers. On the good side, the recording has plenty of level, without distortion on the microphone. It would be better to embed the audio player in the post, rather than using a link. You can do that by lining on the Share tab, grabbing the WordPress short code, and adding that to the post in the Dashboard. Embedding the play would also allow you to simply introduce the clip – “Here’s what Ashley remembers” – instead of referring. directly to the link, which gets int he way of the flow of your story.

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