The Meaning of Relationships

Recently, a tragic accident occurred in the life of a little girl I know. Her and her father were in a car accident. The dad lost his life and she was rushed to the hospital.

This girl’s accident made think of my dad, mom and siblings. What was the last thing I said to each one of them? It also occurred to me that I don’t always recognize how much someone’s presence in my life really means to me.

It is so easy to hold grudges or be angry with  loved ones. But all for what? To waste negative energy?

The positive relationships in our lives  help form who we are as people. They also help support us throughout life.  Just like the little girl’s dad did with her. I believe that relationships are essential to the human core. We create connections and break connections with people everyday but we shouldn’t take the most important relationship for granted.


My sisters and I. We are inseparable.

Treasure those who love support you without hesitation. Embrace their love and give it back.


2 thoughts on “The Meaning of Relationships

  1. One comment for all three posts: The photos here are lovely. You have a great sense for color and composition. If you enhanced any of these with PS, I can’t see it, and that’s a good thing in a reflective blog like this. However, part of the assignment was to work with PS, so let me know if you did some alterations. (perhaps you used a filter on the portrait?) I still would like to see your text be a little tighter on the page. The short paragraphs seem choppy when there is so much space on the pages. Your previous experiences with blogging make this kind of work come naturally. I’d like to see you push yourself a little more.

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