Video Filming and Editing: Second Experience

This video was my second experiment with video filming and editing. I chose this topic on video-games because it’s a hobby my brother and his friends spend a lot of time with.  I used my parents, brother and, of course, my brother’s friends for the interviews.  In each clip I used the big mic and the camera stand.

When I edited the four clips, it was difficult to cut each of them down to make a 30 second movie. There was a lot more I wanted to include.  However, it was a good challenge!

My original idea was to film my brother demonstrating the technique of how to shoot a basketball. But it was raining all day, so video-games became my last minute alternative!  My goal for my original idea to use different angle perspectives for the shoot. For example, my ideas were:

  • First clip: My brother shooting the basketball into the hoop.
  • Second clip: Zoom the camera in on my brother’s hands; which would be demonstrating the position one’s hands should be on the ball before shooting.
  • Third clip: My brother demonstrating correct body technique  before shooting the ball.
  • Fourth clip: My brother shooting the ball again, in slow motion, so that the viewer could get a sense of the correct technique when shooting a basketball.  (Note: I would’ve used slow-motion effect).

This idea would have given me practice with filming at angles. This is something I plan to eventually educate myself on!

One thought on “Video Filming and Editing: Second Experience

  1. All the required elements are here, and you got good sound – terrific. There are headroom issues in most of the clips. Your subjects are pushing the top of the frames. You need to back out to make them fit more comfortably in frame. Next step – bring more light into the shots.

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