Beginning Photography

I am newly adjusting to a professional photography camera that has lots of functions used for capturing photos.  I was out in my college’s garden the other day with my friend, Conner, attempting to play around with the cameras functions for the first time.

Well, Conner had a brilliant idea for the first photo: capture the dancing white seeds in the air while he blew them off the dandelion seed head.  Here are the photos:  (Note: The dandelion in each photo is not the same one.)


I attempted to play around with the shutter speed and tried to set the camera to take three photos in a row, so I could capture the white seeds as they were blown off the dandelion.  I couldn’t get either function to work correctly.   On the bright side we got some good shots of plants and other interesting objects in the garden.


In this photo I focused in on the dead flower using the macro setting and zoom function.  I tried using the aperture tool to focus in on the object but it was difficult to use.


This photo is of one of the few statues in my college’s garden.  This wooden and metal figure was possibly constructed by someone in the art department at my college. I used the the auto setting on the camera to capture this photo.