Women: Stick To a Healthy Body

Every woman has at least one complaint about some part of her body.

Skinny beautiful models don’t help the perception of what women think they should look like and today’s diet plans include dangerous habits, like fasting and dieting pills.

What happened to eating in moderation and exercise? What happened to loving your curves?

Speaking of models and curves, Marilyn Monroe is the “it-girl” exemplar for the ideal woman’s body:


Marilyn’s body is the definition of a healthy. But not everyone has bodies like Marylin, therefore, it is important to remember that your body’s form will not change.

As women we need to recognize our body type and work to keep it healthy and in shape by eating good and exercising regularly.  Also, we women can learn to love our bodies and play up and show off of their best features.

Embrace and flaunt, Ladies!