Memories and Photography

I recently came across pictures I took from  my high school photography class. I was surprised that some of the photos I had taken were actually decent shots.

I took the photography class my freshman year in high school.  For class projects I captured many photos of my family and friends and took lots of pictures with my supposedly love-of-my-life sophomore boyfriend.


I shot and edited these photos above of my seven year old sister drawing with chalk.  This was a regular activity she loved to do.  She is  now 12 years old and enjoys drawing and painting.

Mom and Sister

This photo is of my mom and my 9 year old sister.  This photo reflecets my mom’s nurturing and loving nature.


This photo is of mine and my boyfriend’s hands.  One can only guess why I took this picture! Oh, puppy love.

These pictures remind me of my life from my freshman year in high school.  I didn’t take away many technical details on photography from my photography class, but realized that I love taking photos to document life experiences.  When I look at a photo of a memory from years past, it brings back the feelings and emotions I felt in that moment.  It’s a magical thing.


Beginning Photography

I am newly adjusting to a professional photography camera that has lots of functions used for capturing photos.  I was out in my college’s garden the other day with my friend, Conner, attempting to play around with the cameras functions for the first time.

Well, Conner had a brilliant idea for the first photo: capture the dancing white seeds in the air while he blew them off the dandelion seed head.  Here are the photos:  (Note: The dandelion in each photo is not the same one.)


I attempted to play around with the shutter speed and tried to set the camera to take three photos in a row, so I could capture the white seeds as they were blown off the dandelion.  I couldn’t get either function to work correctly.   On the bright side we got some good shots of plants and other interesting objects in the garden.


In this photo I focused in on the dead flower using the macro setting and zoom function.  I tried using the aperture tool to focus in on the object but it was difficult to use.


This photo is of one of the few statues in my college’s garden.  This wooden and metal figure was possibly constructed by someone in the art department at my college. I used the the auto setting on the camera to capture this photo.

Japan’s Cherry Blossom Festival

The Hanami festival is an old tradition in Japan stemming back to the feudal period. During this period aristocrats wrote poetry about the beauty of cherry blossoms and the flower was a representation for the samurais of the code they lived by.

I had a friend who visited Japan during the Hanami festival. (NOTE: Here is audio of my friend’s description about the beauty of the cherry blossoms.) He told me that the Japanese word Hanami means cherry blossoms: hana = blossoms and mi = see. The beautiful cherry trees are planted everywhere around Japan’s cities and buidings, temples and neighborhoods. Here is a photo of the light pink cherry blossom trees.

The Japanese celebrate Hanami by hosting viewing parties or picnics. At these picnics the people bring food and drinks, enjoy eachother’s comany, write potry and sing songs.  In the U.S. there are Hanami festivals such as the one in Washington D.C.

A Child’s Memory from the Attack on 9/11

I woke up to my mom crying and holding me tightly on Sept. 11, 2001.  I was nine years old when the terrorist attack on the World Trade Center occurred. Even though I was young and had no idea what the World Trade Center was, I remember feeling sad for all the people that were killed in the attack. I was also terrified to go to school because I thought bad people were going to fly a plane into my classroom.

My friend, Jermaine, shared with me his experience from the terrorist attack on 9/11. In this audio clip Jermaine describes how he felt the ground shake when planes flew into the buildings on the morning of 9/11 and he describes his experience when he visited Ground Zero three years later.

This is map is a visual of the distance from Dayton, Ohio to Lower Manhattan in New York City where Ground Zero is located.

Evidence on the ground shaking when the attack occured is scarce and hard to find, but an 8 year old boy’s memory of his experience during the 9/11 attack could be more than real to him. However, this video provides other testimony of the ground shaking when the towers were hit.

The attack on the World Trade Center lives forever in the history of the United States as a day of tragedy and loss, but since then America has made great over comings. One day I plan to visit Ground Zero and pay my my respects to the people who lost their lives in the attack on 9/11.

Snowfall in Paris

Paris is the place where girls dream of finding French lovers, where couples go to heighten their romance and where travelers come from all over the world to experience the magic of the city. Traveling to Paris, France is a to-do on many people’s bucket lists. However, visiting the the City of Love  during a white snowfall is, no doubt, magical.

My friend Ashley traveled to Paris, France this past January of 2013. The day she arrived in Paris it was snowing and continued for the next few days. In this linked sound clip, Ashley expresses the excitement and magic she felt from her experience.

Ashley during white snowfall in Paris, France in front of the Eiffel Tower

Photo taken with Ashley’s camera of Ashley during white snowfall in Paris, France in front of the Eiffel Tower.

I have always wondered what it was about Paris that make the city so magical.  My professor who has been to France various times explained that one has to visit Paris in order to experience the indescribable feelings of magic and romance the city holds.

Photography pf Eiffel Tower by Ashley Kimi

Photography of Eiffel Tower by Ashley Kimi

Women: Stick To a Healthy Body

Every woman has at least one complaint about some part of her body.

Skinny beautiful models don’t help the perception of what women think they should look like and today’s diet plans include dangerous habits, like fasting and dieting pills.

What happened to eating in moderation and exercise? What happened to loving your curves?

Speaking of models and curves, Marilyn Monroe is the “it-girl” exemplar for the ideal woman’s body:

Marilyn’s body is the definition of a healthy. But not everyone has bodies like Marylin, therefore, it is important to remember that your body’s form will not change.

As women we need to recognize our body type and work to keep it healthy and in shape by eating good and exercising regularly.  Also, we women can learn to love our bodies and play up and show off of their best features.

Embrace and flaunt, Ladies!

Guidlines for Celebrateing V-day for Dummies

Two weeks ago from today was Valentine’s Day; a day of love for many couples and a day of chocolate M&M’s and hard-A for many singles.

M&M and Hearts.

I recently had a conversation with a friend about if Valentine’s Day  is overrated or not. I guess it depends on how one celebrates V-day.

So, here are my guidlines to celebrating a not-so-overrated V-day:

1)      You don’t need a lover!

If you have a significant other, then great! But if not, then don’t fret.

Now, I should hate V-day considering I had my heart broken the day after Valentine’s Day two years ago by my ex.  The story is a little tragic, but it didn’t make me hate the holiday.

2)       Don’t hate.

Being a negative noodle doesn’t do much to boost your spirits on V-day or any day. Choose something you like to do and do it.

3)      Surround yourself with love.

If there isn’t a lover in the picture, then celebrate this day with people who make you feel good.

4)      Spread the love.

Tell or show your loved one(s) how much you care. For example, I make my mom a card or craft every Valentine’s Day.

5)      Express love every day.

My ultimate guideline for a not so overrated V-day is that it’s essential to show love and appreciation towards loved ones on days that aren’t just reserved for special treatment.

C’mon, don’t be a dummy!