A Child’s Memory from the Attack on 9/11

I woke up to my mom crying and holding me tightly on Sept. 11, 2001.  I was nine years old when the terrorist attack on the World Trade Center occurred. Even though I was young and had no idea what the World Trade Center was, I remember feeling sad for all the people that were killed in the attack. I was also terrified to go to school because I thought bad people were going to fly a plane into my classroom.

My friend, Jermaine, shared with me his experience from the terrorist attack on 9/11. In this audio clip Jermaine describes how he felt the ground shake when planes flew into the buildings on the morning of 9/11 and he describes his experience when he visited Ground Zero three years later.

This is map is a visual of the distance from Dayton, Ohio to Lower Manhattan in New York City where Ground Zero is located.

Evidence on the ground shaking when the attack occured is scarce and hard to find, but an 8 year old boy’s memory of his experience during the 9/11 attack could be more than real to him. However, this video provides other testimony of the ground shaking when the towers were hit.

The attack on the World Trade Center lives forever in the history of the United States as a day of tragedy and loss, but since then America has made great over comings. One day I plan to visit Ground Zero and pay my my respects to the people who lost their lives in the attack on 9/11.